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DINING ROOM - Interior Design Tips

Posted by Interior Architect Camilo Torres on


I am Camilo Torres, Interior Architect at Shop GoodMood. I would like to share some interior design knowledge that I use in our projects. Hope you find these tips useful when you are designing your new interiors. 


TIP 1 : Walls

If you are thinking to paint the wall of your dining room, try to select a colour that will contrast with your new furniture. This will bring life to your interiors and highlight all the element in the room.

TIP 1 : Lighting 

If you want to have a statement element in your dining room, having an iconic & timeless pendant lamp will make your interior stunning. Make sure it's hanging down in the middle of the table and depending of the design, you can having it as low as your view height (65cm between the table top and the lamp) 

Tip 3: Chairs

If you don't want a colours matching interior, don't be scare of mixing different colour chairs around the table. This will bring a splash of colour in the room. 

Tip 4: Accessories 

To make your dining table stand out, add some timeless accessories. From your cutlery to a centre piece, they will make the difference. 

I would love to hear all your comments. Also if you would like some advice, please feel free to email me at camilo@shopgoodmood.com